ikebana jenJennifer A Thomas aka  (@ikebana_jen) is from Melbourne in Australia and now resides in London by the Tower Bridge. Thomas has Fine Arts and Education degrees with majors in Sculpture and Printmaking. She is an art teacher and has worked internationally for the past 17 years in Japan, Belgium, and the UK. Thomas won the 2017 MPA Award for her work titled The Hive. This work appeared in travelling shows in Milan and Toronto. During that year her work was juried into The New Era Museum’s, “Equinox Experience” in Florence Italy and also The Mira Mobile Prize in Porto.

Thomas describes herself as ‘a bit of a drama queen’ and loves to create a sense of darkness, contrast and dense colour in her work. As a practicing artist, she’s interested in the still life genre, architectural details, textures and, an obsession with all things red. Thomas is inspired by the work of Rothko, Kline, Turner, Sugimoto, Rego, Van Eyck, Kiefer and the Baroque. She takes great delight in the film styles of David Lynch and Peter Greenaway. Thomas states that cinema and art history inform her photographs a great deal. The historic ‘grime’ of old buildings, streets, and subways appeal to her and she tries to capture something of the surface texture and pentimento or traces of previous lives and times in her images.

In 2016 Thomas was commissioned to create a series of images for an Australian Scent company to be used in the corporate identity. Thomas was one of the winners of the FIPA (Florence International Photography Awards) in June of 2015 and was featured in “A Day in the Life” on The App Whisperer in May 2014. Her work was selected for the MPA Shadow Stories Show in New York and Toronto in May of 2014. In September 2014 Thomas’ work, Ephemera was included in the NEM show in Kansas City as well as MPA Pocket Vistas show in Toronto. Thomas was one of the featured artists on Dan Marcolina’s iPad eBooks ‘Mobile Masters’ in 2013 and the 2014 update as an Alumnus. She was also part of the Mobile Pixation show and Instagramers Iconic London exhibition in December 2012. Thomas is a core team member of the Click London mobile photography group, curates for AMPt on Backspaces and is a scout for the IG Artistry team on Instagram.

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